TVET Operations and Management

The Technical Vocational Education and Training Operations and Management (TVET O&M) is responsible for Policy, Financing, Licensing of Private Institutions, Regulation & accreditation of TVET training & Education.

The department is comprised of four divisions as below to guide TVET delivery in 145 existing government institutions and registered private training institutions and providers.

  1. Business Social Development Education and Training (BSDET) for non-engineering and science technology based technical training colleges.
  2. Operating Procedures and Standards (OPS) for TVET policy standards, strategies, operating procedures and guidelines.
  3. Vocational Education and Training (VET) for vocational education training institutions (VTIs) and Skills Development Centres (SDCs).
  4. Technical Polytechnics Education and Training - TPET for engineering and science technology based technical training colleges.

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